With full hearts we welcomed our second son Graham into the world this past week.  He’s doing beautifully, as is his mother, and his older brother Jack is handling the transition with class.

When we came home from the hospital mid-week we realized that we are now in the prestigious “two under two” club, meaning we have two children under two years old.

Prior to having Graham, I talked to a lot of friends about what to expect as the parent of two children and many of them used the same analogy to describe it.  “It’s like ‘one on one’ defense”.  Most of them joked that going from two children to three children was the real challenge “then you had to switch to ‘zone defense’”.

Levity aside, as someone who played men’s lacrosse for most of my youth, it feels a lot more like ‘man down’ defense.  The only time when ‘one on one’ dynamics are really possible is when both parents are directing 100% of their attention toward caretaking.  If either parent wants to do anything independently (or god forbid use the bathroom or take a shower) it puts the household into an immediate shorthanded formation where one parent is covering two children.

We’re only one week in, but so far so good.  I think the best part so far has been watching the two boys interact.   Watching two children that you created interact is really quite magical.

The Two Under Two Club