Back in 2015, I was introduced to Jonah Goodhart, CEO of MOAT.  Jonah is a well-known ad-tech leader with many exits to his name (you can read more about Jonah here) but, at the time, I knew him primarily as an early investor and board member of Right Media.

Jonah is a nice guy and even today (three years later) I remember having a positive conversation with him.  However, what really stuck in my head is what happened after we finished the stated agenda of our call.  Jonah said (more or less) – “while I have you on the phone, let me show you our product” – in an instant, before I could even ask why, he had a screen share up with about 20 pre-loaded browser tabs open.  He then launched into a comprehensive product demo covering every aspect of the MOAT viewability product.  The demo was flawless – like he had practiced it a thousand times.

I remember walking away from the call a little puzzled.  Why did Jonah Goodhart just spend an extra 20 mins on the phone with me to deliver a product demo?

Two years later (in 2017) MOAT is purchased by Oracle for $850M.  Thinking back to my call with Jonah I now understand why he stayed on the phone with me.  It wasn’t because a demo was part of our phone call – it was because a demo was part of every conversation he had.

When you work at a product company, everyone you talk to from potential investors, to clients, to employees, to friends at a bar want to know about your product.  Every conversation is an opportunity to leave a positive impression no matter who it is or what the stated purpose of the conversation is.

Seeing a product demo can also be one of the most memorable experiences and one that people are likely to tell their friends and colleagues about.  By delivering a product demo, you’re empowering someone to become a product (and brand) advocate for you.

After I saw the demo from Jonah, I remember having a conversation with one of my co-workers.  I told him, “I met Jonah Goodhart – nice guy.  I’m not really sure why he gave me a product demo.  The product looked really great though, you should check it out!”

That’s the lesson I learned from Jonah Goodhart: Always Be Demoing.

A-B-D: Always Be Demoing
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