As a young boy, I distinctly remember how ominous the year 2010 sounded. It was a year that was then only depicted through the lens of science fiction and fantasy – and when it did actually come, I thought for certain we’d have flying cars a la “Back to the Future” or the cartoon “The Jetsons”. Of course, by the time I was in eighth grade (and it was turning the year 2000) I realized that the movies and cartoons had somewhat led my boyish imagination astray.

Now, in the first few days of the year 2010 – I wonder what technological advances we will achieve in the next 10 years. How close will we get to my childhood image of “the future”?

It seems clear that in the past 10 years the greatest advances have been made in the way we communicate with each other. Cell phones and the internet are the two most notable examples of such advances. I suspect, as communication technology reaches a point of saturation, innovation will turn to the way we travel and move around. Will we have an intercontinental railroad by the year 2020? Supersonic commercial jet travel (that’s safe and profitable)? Jet packs? I don’t know – but it certainly seems to me to be an area that is ripe for some new innovation.

Happy New Year!

By 2010 I thought there would be flying cars…
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