Today I’m blogging from the courtyard at the Frick Collection. It’s not a big area, but with sculpture, flower beds and an indoor fountain it feels as if this is where New York city keeps Spring during the cold Winter months.

Sitting amidst all these incredible works of art (the Turner’s have always been my favorite) I can’t help but wonder if surrounding yourself with beautiful art can make you more creative.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the nature vs nurture dichotomy of human development. But another important part of the equation is whether we develop from the inside out, or from the outside in. Think about it: are you who you are because of what’s inside you, or what’s all around you?

Can our names that we’re given before we’re even born affect who we become?

Can smiling on the outside make us happier on the inside?

My only advice is do it – and then you’ll find out for yourself.

Can Smiling Make You Happy?
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  • Funnily enough, the way I read the title has nothing to do with the post.

    e.g. “Doe smiling make you happy?” -> Yes, for some complicated reasons, doing something makes you feel it. So if you fake a smile, you feel happier (specifically, move the same muscles as in a real smile… if you only move some of them, as in a “fake smile,” it doesn’t work).

    But your post is about the environment impact on an individual, both their personality and their productivity.

    Does that have an impact? Probably (almost certainly). As much, however, because you try to emulate/improve what’s around you as because it affects you directly. Change in motivation and perspective as opposed to changes sui generis.

  • Dadio

    Hey Drew,
    I hope you have found the reference we spoke of last evening. Here’s another thought that came to mind and may relate to your thoughts in this post.

    Yesterday afternoon I arrived at the business of one of my longest running clients and upon entering his building I heard the sound of laughter. I immediately recognized his laugh. My thought is that a smile can be faked but a laugh is genuine, always, and unique.

    Have you found the line I mentioned? It will also be in the Buffalo Springfield version of the same song as well as that of the author. I’ll be interested to know how many versions of the song have been done.

    Have an eventful Friday!