This weekend I traveled home to Baltimore for Mother’s day. While in the car, my sister in law introduced me to Dan Savage’s “Savage Love Cast” podcast. It’s a very entertaining call-in audio series where Dan Savage (a newspaper columnist, best known for founding “The Trevor Project”) answers a wide variety of sexual and relationship oriented questions.

By far the most compelling thing about Dan’s advice style is the way he very even handedly addresses the problems and concerns of callers who prescribe to every relationship schema imaginable and engage in an equally shocking variety of sexual acts.

Listening to Dan rattle off segment after segment of zealously unprejudiced relationship advice, it made me wonder whether our society could ever be as open and unprejudiced as Dan?

Although, over the course of history, the specific group(s) persecuted have shifted – at every point in the past prejudice has existed and people have suffered the negative effects of unjust persecution. It seems every time one group is exonerated from prejudice, another group falls into the spotlight to fill their place. Is it possible to ever completely heal prejudice, or is something about judging people en masse simply a human necessity?

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