Just a quick thought for this weekend.

You might look at successful people (I was thinking of Michael Bloomberg) and say, "sure, if I had that much money, or that much power, then I would be able to do what he does."

This is a tempting notion, but it’s actually a thought-trap.  It’s important to recognize that success does not come around all at once, or overnight – success is a process.  It’s probably safe to assume that when most successful people sowed the seeds of their success, they did not enjoy the wealth or power that their success ultimately earned them.  It’s more probable that they began very young working hard without reward, and then slowly began turning the flywheel of success. At first it’s very hard and lots of effort only gets you minor gains, but as you continue to work, success comes easier, and before you know it, your flywheel is spinning brilliantly, impossible to stop.


Happy Fathers Day.

Spinning the Flywheel