In the gym locker room one morning last week I caught a few minutes of a televised debate between two well dressed, whiney voiced congressman. After several whips back and forth, one of the gentleman shrieked in frustration “this is what’s wrong with washington”!

Since going 100% digital, and cancelling my cable subscription, I usually only watch a few minutes of the televised news each morning in the locker room. However, despite my limited exposure, I’ve been hearing that phrase alot – “this is what’s wrong with Washington”

I don’t doubt that there are a lot of things wrong with washington, but I do think that most of the issues people raise as “this is what’s wrong with washington” are actually symptoms of a greater problem.

The real problem with Washington is the same problem that Detroit had. It’s the same problem lots of companies have. It’s too hard to change.

There is a sense if complacency. The dominant philosophy begins with “If it ain’t broke..”.

The day an organization becomes reactionary to change, rather than proactive about it, marks the first day of that organizations decline.

“This is what’s wrong with Washington!”