It’s an interesting question. Would you buy penthouse in Manhattan? Would you buy a private jet? Go on exotic vacations? Buy fancy clothes?

It’s a fantasy I’m sure most of us have considered, even if just for a passing moment. Some even take it one step farther and play the lottery, hoping against stacked odds that they will be among the few to get money for nothing.

Here’s another question: if you did win the lottery, or gamble your way to wealth – and you got to buy everything you wanted: would you be happy?

In my experience, a component of enjoying a nice experience (e.g. going to a baseball game, a Broadway show, or going out to dinner) is knowing the work you did to get there. If nice experiences did not feel “earned” – somehow it would cheapen them, and they would not feel quite as sweet.

I’ve heard the adage: “Work to live – don’t live to work,” but I would argue that this saying is misguided.

It’s the work that makes life enjoyable.

What Would You Do if You Had Unlimited Money?
  • Sure, but I’d still like unlimited money because it would make doing meaningful work easier; e.g. I could do things I thought were worthwhile, not what other people that was worth paying me for.

  • Dan S

    Free money doesn’t necessarily make you happy but that money can makes others happy and, in turn, can make you happy (a ripple effect, if you will). For instance, If I won the lottery I would take care of my family – first and foremost. Knowing my family has everything they need makes me happy. Earning the money becomes a moot point.

  • I agree, but this could provide an interesting counter-point.

  • thomas mulvenna

    Everyone usually comes up with the same type of stuff.. family, holidays, new home, helping people etc but that is something everyone would do. However, if I was going to say something I would personally love to do that is unique and not the norm then I’d go with this…

    I’d buy the rights to the cartoon Dragon ball and have it remade into a live action/cgi series using the 3d camera system that was invented for the avatar movies with a plot that was more ironed out, mature and detailed.

    Simply because the show holds a special place in my childhood heart and the grown up me would like to see a more mature version

  • That’s just sounds like a good idea! Probably don’t need unlimited money for that either. Remember most movies are bankrolled by investors. All you have to do is find the right folks to talk to and have the right ideas!