I’m going to do something a little different and turn over control of my weekly blog post to my girlfriend Miranda Lanzillotti.  For the last several months, Miranda has been hard at work preparing for the launch of her start-up’s online Magazine and Marketplace, called New York States of Mind.  She’ll tell you all about it below and how you can help announce the launch!




Did you read Andrew’s blog post last week? About the idea that certain innovations would be nothing without a critical mass of users (i.e. the telephone and Facebook)? Well, I’m testing that theory today, in Andrew’s first guest blog post.

And how, exactly, am I testing it? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out.


You’re likely one of the following readers:

  • An AppNexian who appreciates an entrepreneurial spirit,
  • An ad-tech enthusiast who likes to stay on top of the online publishing world,
  • A fellow Skidmore alumn who enjoys exploring New York State,
  • Or one of Andrew’s friends — and thus, by default — one of my friends, too. (Anything for a friend, right?)


I work for a start-up in NYC called New York States of Mind (NYSOM). NYSOM is a forthcoming digital Magazine and Marketplace about the best people, places, products and ideas in and from New York State. Our goal is to celebrate our parallel lives, draw connections in the unlikeliest of places, and remove the guesswork (Which hotel? Which restaurant? Where to spend the weekend?) from your next adventure in the State. To top off your New York experience, we sell a variety of made-in-New York products on the NYSOM Marketplace, so you can bring pieces of New York State to your own home.

We are launching the NYSOM Magazine on October 1 (!) and have created a Thunderclap campaign to maximize our reach when we unveil the site in nine short days.


For those unfamiliar, Thunderclap is like Kickstarter for crowdsourced social media messages, but rather than having to donate money, people are asked to donate a Facebook status and/or Tweet on a specific day. The catch? 100+ people must join before that specific day, otherwise it renders the campaign useless (enter the testing of Andrew’s theory).

In NYSOM’s case, we want YOU to help us announce our launch at noon on October 1. It will help us get the word out about NYSOM to many more people than we can reach alone. (Oh the power of social networking and crowdsourcing; technology for the win!)

We are 75% of the way there, meaning we only need 25 more people to join before October 1.


  1. We’ve done most of the work for you, i.e. that message we want you to share has already been written: “NEW YORK STATES OF MIND MAGAZINE is live! The BEST of #NY, starting w/ Milton Glaser #NYSOM http://bit.ly/19WHIY6”
  2. It will only cost you a few moments of your time.
  3. By joining the Thunderclap, you’ll automatically be entered to win our giveaway — and one of you could win as early as tomorrow. We’re announcing the winner of this artisanal gift basket tomorrow morning, and the winner of this beautiful handmade scarf (perfect for fall!) on 9/30.


Click the join button in the Thunderclap widget below and opt to support it by syncing your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s) — and for those who still use Tumblr, you can include that as well.

Many thanks in advance. I’ll be monitoring the sign-ups and will make sure all who opt in are included in our giveaway pool. (Translation: I will know who signs up, and who doesn’t.)

Guest Blogger on the Best of New York State
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