Last summer, I collaborated with Jen Beio to create the 100 Words Project ( – a fiendishly concisely challenge sum up thoughts and opinion on the future of advertising and Media. As this summer approaches, I’d like to revive the 100 Words Project and tackle the topic that everyone is talking about in 2011: Mobile Technology.

Below are my thoughts on Mobile in 100 words or less. Please contribute your thoughts below!


Next year, reading the Nielsen “3 Screens” report will become an exercise in the willing suspension of disbelief. “Mobile Technology” is really just a cliché label that represents a fleeting attempt by traditionally oriented marketers to preserve a world that has a discrete number of clearly defined media channels. iPhones, Ipads and Androids are just the first bits of debris thrown off the slow motion collision of the computer and telecommunications industries.

Text messages are preposterously overpriced, video conferencing will never catch on, and soon, having a computer that can’t be worn as a fashion accessory will be so 2010.


What do you think?

The 100 Words Project: Mobile Technology
  • Dadio

    It’s complicated! When you limit your thoughts to 100 words it opens up more room for our interpretation. Definitly, your last sentence is probable. However, keep in mind that nothing ever totally disappears from the spectrum of whatever you are discussing. So, the leading edge will be as you describe but the other extreme will remain drum beats or whatever you consider to be the most archaic form of communication. Some one will be using either and everything in between. The leading edge device will grow in popularity while the trailing methods will lose users. But there will always be something new and it will arrive with increasing speed. At some point there will be a mass of users occupying space that today doesn’t exist. Ipads and Iphones seem to be everywhere but Blackberries still predominate in the business sector. It’s fascinating to observe the evolution of devices but the underlying need has not changed. All the consumer characteristics of each of the four generations that comprise the consumer public still hold validity. Your mission is to focus the message on the most likely path to your user’s eye. How many words is that?

  • Andrew

    194 words – but you get extra for raising me :)